Where to buy Doge Coins in 2022?

List of Top 6 safest (most secure for your funds / coins ) crypto exchanges offering doge coins for purchase.

Top Exchanges Exchange Name You get Bonus for registering Click to register
1 Binance Yes Here
2 FTX Yes Here
3 Kraken No Here
4 Coinbase No Here
5 Crypto No Here
6 Gemini No Here

In order to own doge coins you must first purchase them from somewhere. The most common place is a cryptocurrency exchange. Once you set up an account, verify your identity and transfer funds to the exchanges you are ready to buy doge coins or any other listed crypto. Have in mind that having your coins stored in an exchange cares additional risks for you (not your keys not your coins.) In case the exchange goes burst, also your deposited funds/coins would be gone. In order to deal with that risk, after purchasing your doge coins from an exchange you should transfer them to a wallet that you own. Get info on how to create your own wallet on the offcial dogecoin page here. Once you have your own wallet setup you can transfer your doge coins from an exchange to your wallet. Still one more risk remains, dont loose your wallet recover phrases!