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Date of creation : Jan. 4, 2022

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Reddit Thread : [ Dogecoin ] Post Title : Top 10 richest dogecoin addresses. Work in progress

Date Posted : June 2, 2022

Comment Text: If you like researching the top addresses check this one out: [https://bitinfocharts.com/dogecoin/address/DPtCFXLTkqSzUTHCt3JEkbh8LHCxN22EUz](https://bitinfocharts.com/dogecoin/address/DPtCFXLTkqSzUTHCt3JEkbh8LHCxN22EUz) I've been tracking this for about a year. It was transferred over from a verified Binance wallet on January 28 2022 and It seems suspicious to me. I'd like to hear what you make of it.