March 19, 2022, 10:08 p.m.


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I have done many reviews of tokens. Y5 finance is a clear 100% scam, designed to make people with limited knwoledge of the crypto world that this is some very innovative thing, with potential. They bring lies to next level of imagination. Let me tell you why, Lets analyze what they claim on their web.


The core lies are that they will develop an exchange, a blockchain and that there is a super innovation that consists in letting you chose your rewards in the future. Of course everything is in the future like all scams.

 There is a supper innovation that consists of letting you chose your rewards..but in the future..and they call that Y-5 Finance. The Future of Tokenomics.


Super innovation? Really most scam tokens offer you reflection in some token, usually the base one(that one that you buy). Now some tokens offer you rewards on BUSD because they think its easier to deceive people by offering them a reward in a stable coin. Y5 Finance brings the supper innovation that lets you chose the coin of reward between 5 coins. The bottom line is that from a programmers perspective getting you the reward in another token means some additional lines of code, it is easy! Why they would sell you that as a huge innovation? If I got my rewards in a xx token , how hard is to transfer it to whatever I want? Answer it is one click away.


Screenshot from their y-5 finance web page


Here they state that you will recieve 13% of each transaction, but they call the section fast! I m a programmer with 15 years of experience and i dont know what tne next line means. "The contract will be the main component and the main purchasing pair on all assets listed on our exchange. "


A) Y5 finance claims to be developing an exchange, that will become fully regulated.


But wait what exchange? Centralized? Decentralized? Looking at their page, there is a section called exchange. I tried to research that, guess what, you see some charts with prices and they call that exchange. This is not an exchange, this is just the classic swap code for tokens integrated into their page. For a medium skilled react/solidity developer it would take 1-2 weeks to build, not an exchange definitely, just a deception by y-5 finance team.


2) They claim they will develop a blockchain the Y-5

If you analyze carefully their web no mentions how they are going to do it or if they even started. Creating a blockchain is something extremely complicated and costly that need years of testing.

Of course they are not developing a blockchain it is all fake, as no proof of the opposite have been found. And by the way, if you developed a blockchain what would happen to the current y5 finance coin that lives on the bnb smart chain?



Ok scrolling down their web page , they are more lies and future promises.


The Y-5 management team have a long term strategy to create a never ending yield generating ecosystem. We will do this by creating our staking pools, play-to-earn games, and finally, we will become the first regulated exchange that offers tokenomics. Our team are well qualified in the risk and compliance sector allowing us to achieve this goal efficiently. “


OK So more FUTURE promises. They will create staking pools, play to earn games and the first regulated exchange that offers tokenomics!

Staking pool ? What are staking pools , can you explain please, are you going to mint tokens out of nothing?

You are going to create a game? So a game that I would not play is going to affect the rewards of my hypothetical holding of y5 finance? Of course no, just empty promises.The regulated exchange absurdity I already commented above.


If you analize y5 token code, you would observe that they did not bother to change the name of the functions, the just copy/pasted everything. Im talking about the BuybackBabyToken function, they just took the code from babytoken, how innovative and serious is that? (You can check by your self here at line 949 https://bscscan.com/address/0xcbd8aece0c920eef3f215ad4e7319052bd8eaa74#code)


I was not able to find important information regarding the token buy and sell tax, this is so important but it is not visible on their page.


Lets talk about their team..



I mean here the joke is very big. They put some photos with only the first name, does that sound reliable to you, why do they hide their full names/linkedin profile. This is all made up, because all they want is to take your money adn dump their tokens.

But they say on their web “Join a community that strives for transparency and global innovation. “



Conclusion: I mean I had too much. So many lies. Y-5 finance token is a huge scam, why they would lie so much other ways?

Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Web: https://www.y-5.finance/

Contract: 0xCBd8aECe0c920eEF3F215ad4e7319052Bd8eaa74

y5 finance is listed on coinmarket cap and goingecko, you need a wallet like metamask to make purchases.