LIBERO financial token– Huge apy Huge short term SCAM

March 12, 2022, 3:58 a.m.


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Libero financial is a bnb token(based on the binance smart chain). They claim to offer the insane 158 000 % yearly interest for holding their libero token. Common sense is an integral part of leading a healthy life, you must use it when deciding to gift your money.

Actually there is a swarm of high apy tokens like libero copy/paste code trying to take your money..check out this list i made -

How is that possible?

They are many scam tokens, but in some you can escape before the dump. The difference here is that you can not escape, because they block your funds from the start. It's a ponzy scheme consisting of locking your liber tokens and pay you an interest from the locked funds in the beggining. Middle term what is going to happen is that liber value in relation bnb will reach many zeroes(catastrophic drop).


Offering you high apy on tokens its easy, because tokens are created out of nothing, it is a computer program. What buyers should care is of the token value in relation to other tokens like bnb, eth,  usdc, busd etc, and here lives the lie.





Libero financial is a scam because you cant escape once in. If you look into their trading conditions you would realize that the fraud consists taking your funds(investing part of them in marketing so more users are attracted) and blocking you from seelling for an amount of time by a sophisticated formula. The goal of the creators of the token is win time while trying to  attract as much users as they can in the beginning and sell their tokens against those incoming buyers/holders funds. When users funds are unblocked their millions of libero would be worth noting because the big token holders would have drained all the liquidity.


I quick look at libero financial solidity source code, reveals the code is similar to 95% of the new tokens, so no much innovation.

Their token code can be found here (

As an example look at the following line:

    function setFeeExempt(address _addr, bool _value) external onlyOwner {
        require(_isFeeExempt[_addr] != _value, "Not changed");
        _isFeeExempt[_addr] = _value;

This piece of code means that the owner of the contract(some of libero dev) can extempt certain addresses from paying the buy/sell tax which is the main surce of income. Guess which addresses are excluded?


And this line function means the can change the fees at any moment without previous advice:

    function setFees(uint256 _liquidityFee, uint256 _riskFreeValue, uint256 _treasuryFee, uint256 _sellFeeTreasuryAdded, uint256 _sellFeeRFVAdded, uint256 _feeDenominator) external onlyOwner {
            _liquidityFee <= MAX_FEE_RATE &&
            _riskFreeValue <= MAX_FEE_RATE &&
            _treasuryFee <= MAX_FEE_RATE &&
            _sellFeeTreasuryAdded <= MAX_FEE_RATE &&
            _sellFeeRFVAdded <= MAX_FEE_RATE,

And dont forget one of the major scam indicators, the buy and sell taxes. In the case of libero financial they are 13% buy tax; 20% sell tax (max 20%).

They are many tools online that help you determine if a token is a scam or simply give you additional information, but in this case it is not necessary to continue the research. Libero financial is clearly a short term scam.

They are other tokens like liber financial that offer crazy high apy's for example Plexus Dao 401,789% APY, Forever Safu they are all scam and unteanable in time. Unteanable in the sens that the token value in terms of other tokens like bnb want sustain once all holders tokens start to unlock. You asre adviced, dont cry latter!

Listed on coinmarket cap and goingecko, you need a wallet like metamask to make purchases.

Do not buy libero finantial! if you buy libero financial your iq is probably lower of a monkey.



Project web:


Contract address : 0x0DFCb45EAE071B3b846E220560Bbcdd958414d78

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