March 20, 2022, 12:28 a.m.


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They are many factors that can make me consider a token to be a scam. Some of those factors are when I find lies and exaggerations on the tokens web. Why would you do that if you were sincere before your investors and had a good project? Here on the EVER EARN token they are many lies.


Starting from the token code, this code has been used on many tokens and is still being used for new ones. As much as EVER EARN coin team wants to pretend that they have something innovative, they don't, they just took the code from the internet and re branded it and made some very slight modifications.


As an example look at those two token codes, one is from EVER EARN and the other is from another SCAM TOKEN Called Y5 Finance, do they look similar?

You can check by your self :

Y5 FInance code https://bscscan.com/address/0xcbd8aece0c920eef3f215ad4e7319052bd8eaa74#code

EVER EARN CODE https://bscscan.com/address/0x47d42E0e864ceFf8C4270F7b6E1f6F91Da45882C#code


And its funny cos they market their contract on their web like A SMARTER CONTRACT”, check their web.


Ok lets go with more ever earn deception / fraud / lies.



LIE 1:  11% BUSD FOREVER! HIGHEST BUSD REWARDS ratio on the planet.

This not true. 11% I understand is what all holders get from every transaction, but it is dependent on the transactions, if they are no transactions no 11% forever. They dont tell you that. Why? Cos they are scamers.

“Highest rewards on the planet “ What? You have so many other scam tokens that give you more like libero financial, y5 financial (check their reviews here, but watch out its scam , don't buy them!)



I must say this part is very well made up.

20% Locked for Staking

15% Locked for Other Exchanges

43% Public Presale

15% Initial Supply Burned

5% Marketing / Contests / Competitions

2% Pre-Launch Contest AirDrops

If you sum its 100%. Then I ask my self is this a non profit organization? Where are the dev tokens that are supposed to be dumped against naive investors looking for a 100x rise.  Well probably those tokens are somewhere in the 43% public presale section, there is 0 transparency.

DON'T FORGET THE BUY / SELL TAX one of the biggest scam indicators!

There is a 15% tax on buy and 15% on sell. That means that if you invest 1000 bucks into EVER EARN tokens and sell at the same price. You would have lost 28%. How non scamy is that?


EVER EARN Token is listed on coinmarketcap and goingecko, you need a wallet like metamask to make purchases.

Final reflections.

If I have to say some positive things about this token is that they made an effort to be more transparent. They provided key details to evaluate the token like the buy / sell tax on a visible place. They provided team names and linkedin profiles. But I can not tell if those profiles are real, they could be perfectly made up. I liked their road map, it is very detailed, but still the project is full of deceptions/lies, so it is a scam..




WEB: https://everearn.net/

CONTRACT : 0x47d42E0e864ceFf8C4270F7b6E1f6F91Da45882C


“You can never underestimate the stupidity of the general public”. Scott Adams