Elon Token – ELOC The impudent scam

March 16, 2022, 6:55 p.m.


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Elon Token – ELOC Token :The cryptocurrency of Elon Musk

Amazing impudent scam. Some shit coins teams at least do an effort to explain the token functioning on their web. Here nothing is explained, but at the same time many lies can be spotted.

Some of lies/deceptions stated on their web page:

Title: Biggest token of 2022 → What is this supposed to mean? WTF biggest token??? And then they say we want to be top 100..

$ELOC is the official currency of Elon Musk -? What official currency? Does Elon Know? I thought only countries are allowed to have official currencies

They promise (nothing is ready yet (of course in the future) things like:

A game! Really why not promise a space ship?

Anticipate The paypal of cryptocurrency → what ?

Of course an NFT - every shit coins has an nft on their future to do list

STAKING? Ok they are going to create tokens out of nothing

Tesla Giveaway → Really haha so you name a shit coin elon and give a tesla, nice scam!


On their web there is a section “token distribution” with some numbers and percetages? What that means? They dont explain.

Ok let me explain you. After shiba inu token was released and their code made public, many scammers copied the code. The code was innovative in the sense that from every purchase a tax % is taken from you and redistributed to marketing, dev teams , liquidity , buyback, holders etc. Different shit coins play with those numbers. But here they dont even explain what the section means.


There is no info even about the address of the contract. Listed on coinmarket cap and goingecko, you need a wallet like metamask to make purchases.


Conclusion : Run away from this  elon eloc token it is super scam!

Web: https://eloc.live/