Covid Cutter Token - 100% scam

March 16, 2022, 8:15 a.m.


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Today i fell into covid cutter bsc / bnb token as i was browsing coinmarketcap. This coin has made it into the biggest gainers section. Have to point that it is not hard to make it into the biggest gainers of coinmarketcap section. All you need is to be listed on cmc page and if your token has small liquidity like is the case with COVID cutter(2.66 bnb of liquidity on 16 march 2022) all you have to do is make a purchase of tokens worth some bnbs. Then the pancake finance decentralized exchange automated formula works for you and the token experiments a significant rise in the price that gets you in the biggest gainers section of cmc.

In other words Small liquidity + Small TOken purchase = > Big rise in price => coinmarket cap gainers section



I had a look at their page and I discovered the classic scam symptoms. A promise of a future development of something in coivd cutter token case – that is a game and nft market place. And there is a game, you can even play. But that game is in no way related to the blockchain. A related game to the block chain Is a game that at least earns you tokens when you play. Here you have a game totally unrelated to the blockchain. And here is the scam – try to deceive people , try to ride the trending wave of tokenized games without having one. You cant even log with your crypto wallet. They claim that you win tokens for high score, but this is part of the scam, probably it is done manually. There is not automated relation between the covid cutter token and the game.


The covid cutter team does another fraud too. They advertise loocked liquidity(that means liquidity ca not be withdrawn) because it is locked. This is fake, because there is a second way of draining locked liqidity that is by selling coivd cutter tokens which are owned by the creators. This is exactly what they did and what explains and drop of the covid cutter price bellow initial liquidity level.



Listed on coinmarket cap and goingecko, you need a wallet like metamask to make purchases.

Conclusion :do not buy this covid cutter token, it is a scam!


Web of the project:

Contract: 0x168b616a1b08bc1F016Bb9a680e5fa9b05e00b78