BobaTama Token - Another HARDCORE SCAM

March 17, 2022, 11:39 p.m.


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BobaTama token is scam and i will tel you why. They use the basic token code + a future promise, the standart token scam schema, for attracting investors short term and dumping dev tokens. The code of their token is open source and it is used by all meme coins. It has the standart functionalities of those tokens - tax buyers and redistribute, tax sellers and redistribute to holders, devs etc. Lanching such a token is easy, all you need is a medium skilled solidity developer.

Then they mix that with some future promise. In that case the promise is something called EVM Compatible Multi-Chain Wallet + NFT Storage Boba ghost wallet.

Yes but those are only empty words. They are 0 proofs that they are developing a wallet that will let no traces! it is simply a lie to get you to buy their token. There is no git repo to check the development of their software nor its activity. Just an empty promise and fancy words.


Only thing they have on their sad repo is a contract audit. Those audits are worthless. They just audit the secuirty of the token by evaluating its surce code, which is open surce and has been audited and used many times before.

Conclusion: Bobatama mixing an open surce token with future promise =  this is scam , dont buy it.


Contract: 0x5f20f15d40f24dae50a72be3b5edddddfb5a5bd0


Listed on coinmarket cap and goingecko, you need a wallet like metamask to make purchases.