Twitter changes it's logo to a doge coin meme!

April 4, 2023, 4:51 a.m.


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It was a bright and sunny day in Silicon Valley, and the executives at Twitter were gathered for an emergency meeting. The social media platform wanted to have some fun.They needed something big to shake things up and get people talking about Twitter and Doge coin more than ever.

After hours of brainstorming, one of the executives suggested changing Twitter's colors to something more modern and relatable, like green. No one seemed interested.

Suddenly, Elon Musk looked at his phone and observed a great idea. It was coming from some wallstreet bets famous guy. He suggested the idea of changing the Twitter bird to a Dogecoin logo. Elon tought, invested 44 billion in twitter, it was already a crazy move, why not go bayond that! Of course yes i m Elon i can do whatever i want. Then he showd his phone screen to the rest of the team members. Everyone paused for a moment, considering the idea. Dogecoin had recently did not benefited from the recet rise in crypto prices. The executives realized that changing the Twitter logo to a Dogecoin logo would certainly get people talking. They proceded to move on.



Some argued against the measure. After much deliberation, they finally decided to go ahead with the idea. They announced the change on Twitter's official account, and the response was incredible. Within minutes, the hashtag #Dogecoin was trending again worldwide like never before.. Doge price rose more than 20% during the first hours of the innovation.

Twitter's user engagement skyrocketed, and people couldn't stop talking about the new logo. Even celebrities and politicians got in on the action, posting tweets with the hashtag and sharing their excitement for the new logo.

As the weeks went by, Twitter's user base continued to grow, and the platform saw a surge in new signups. The Dogecoin logo became a symbol of the new and exciting direction that Twitter was heading in.


That is how twitter looks like now. Everybody is wondring what is comming next? Twitter accepting doge? Was it all a marketing move? We will wait and see!


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