Dont wait for a Doge Rise ( Crypto Overall) till the end of the week

June 7, 2021, 6:36 p.m.


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US CPI DATA And G7 MEETINGS: Keys to the Crypto recovery

We have the US inflation data this Thursday 10th of June. PROBABLY professional investors will be waiting for the data in order to evaluate the prospects of the fed rising the interest rates if the inflation number is again high (like the previous month). In my opinion this would have higher probabilities of producing a selloff in the crypto markets than a rise as less money/liquidity would be expected to be available in the future. If inflation number is low crypto markets would probably be headed for another rise. But that is not all.
During(after the CPI data ) the weekend we have the G7 meetings which can surprise to the downside (anouncing some surprise weird regulation). If crypto markets rise again at all they will do it from Saturday/Sunday(12 - 13 June).


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