Our ENEMY: How to confuse trading bots from reading our threads and acting against us?

April 21, 2021, 11:27 p.m.


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 Hundreds of automated bots are scanning the reddit threads on every moment. They gather data from your comments in order to buy or sell, DogeCoin included. Automated bots / algorithms are computer programs that perform the same task or not the same perdiocially(every second, minute etc.)

They are many big players / whales who speculate on the crypto markets, they buy and sell constantly. How they take the decision to buy or sell? Well their decisons  might be based on technical indicators, volume data or data gathered from the social networks like reddit or twitter.

How they do it?

For example for reddit, there is an API that allows you connect to the network and retrieve periodically all threads, subtrhreads and their comments.

So imagine that my strategy to scan all the comments on the dogecoin thread and order them by date. I could be counting the words buy, sell or hodl (like i do here with a similar bot https://www.wherebuydogecoin.com/reddit/1/ it takes a little time to load.) in order to measure that overall interest for the last 24/48/72 hours etc.

They are many comments that discover how much of a given asset an user or community has like doge coins, if he sold , if he is buying.

Why those bots are bad for you?

Because from the comments data they can estimate your average position, stop losses, mood, interest and act against you selling huge amount of coins in order to hit your stoplosses and then buy back again cheap coins.


Plan A)

1) Periodically random users should open threads asking how many doge you have

2) Those who answer should put random numbers and words like(up to your imagination) :

    a) I m buying 655500 coins of doge now

    b)i will purchase 40000 coins worth 300000 usd

    c) etc.

It i important that different users open and answer to those threads periodically as the creator of the bots might react and ban certain users o threads by their name.

Plan B)

This is the best solution. As a joke users should comment on random threads the same as in point 2 above. " i m buying 500000 coins of doge, or i just bought etc)

If we manage to do that as a community big part of the daily swing are going to stop, as they have less information in order to take decisions!

Your comments counts!




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Date : June 20, 2022, 3:52 a.m.

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